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Harness Racing Australia Live - Watch Horse Racing Live‎


Harness Racing is diferent race as compare to other horse racing because as you can see in the image , the jockey is not sitting at the top of horse , hes sitting on the carraige which is stucked on the shoulder and neck of the horse. This race is normally can be only seen in Australia and New Zealand where as normally small races take part in Asia too.

Racing of Harness horse can be seen live here on this site , no disturbance of chatting room , popups and ads in this site. Simple the streaming in HD quality which can be seen any where in the globe. So register here and start watching this race because if you are fan of horse racing then you will not leave the chance of missing it. Harness Racing Australia Live

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Kempton Horse Race Live

Kempton Horse Race Live - HorseRacingLiveTv.Com


Kempton horse race took place in a park whose name is Kempton Park and this park is a track for horse racing which is licensed under entertainment. This park is situated at the border of Great London United Kingdom.
This is old racing track and thousands of horses and jockey from other contries has participated in this track. Usually race on this track is interesting because the track is mostly covered with grass and which make thrills to the jockey. For live streaming of each race of horse you can register on this site and enjoy all horse racing streaming live on your computer or on any other device

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